The Best Data. The Best Analysis.

Our new monthly plans put the social media monitoring power of SM2 within reach for every business.

Best Data

Each day, we search the internet and index tens of millions of new conversations - blogs, tweets, comments and pictures. Our database now holds 90 billion conversations going back three years.

Best Analysis

We analyze every post for emotional content, tone and themes. Where possible, we tag everything with location data and demographics.

SM2's powerful reporting tools help you make sense of it all. Colorful charts map tone across a multitude of online conversations to reveal changes over time. Real-time brand monitoring alerts keep you informed. Social media intelligence reports like Word Cloud, Daily Volume and Share of Voice give you the insights you need:

  • Keep tabs on your industry.
  • Target your marketing.
  • Win over new customers.
  • Brand reputation management.

New, Flexible Plans

Unlike other social media monitoring services, SM2 does not limit the number of keywords you can search. And it won't limit you to just a part of the social web. We scan virtually every available source - and every customer has access to every post in our system going back three years.

Our flexible, monthly plans require no commitment. Never before has so much insight been within reach.