Welcome to your Dashboard

Each week when you log in to SM2 you'll see a snapshot of your most important reports. You can click on any graph to dig deeper.

Like so many things in SM2 you can totally customize your dashboards - and you can create as many dashboards as you like, which makes it easy to switch between tasks.

Daily Volume

This big-picture view shows the total number of relevant, active conversations at any given time.

Measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. Identify trends. Benchmark against last year - or against your competition.

Click any date to dig deeper and see the actual conversations taking place.

Share of Voice

It's great to know when people are talking about you - but where are they doing it?

SM2's Share of Voice report shows you where online conversations are taking place.

Maximize your marketing dollars by discovering exactly where your target audience spends its time.

Top Domains & Authors

SM2 tracks millions of sites. How to make sense of it all? Where should you engage?

SM2 assigns popularity and influence rankings to each site and even to individual authors and commenters on each site.

That makes it easy to know which sites and conversations are worth engaging.

Sentiment Analysis

It's important to know who's talking about you - but what are they saying?

For a quick snapshot of the big picture, SM2 assigns a Sentiment value to every post. That makes it simple to keep an eye on the tone, and watch for changes over time.

But of course we also make it easy to dig deeper...

Theme Cloud

Discover the specific words and phrases people are using to talk about you, your industry and your competition.

In sales, it's a competitive advantage. In marketing and SEO, it's the most valuable data on earth.

Storyboard Report

The Storyboard makes it simple to generate a high-level executive summary you can share with your team. It provides a clear overview of activity in key areas like volume, sentiment, and demographics in a single screen.

Like everything in SM2, the Storyboard's totally customizable to suit your business.

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