Customer Testimonials

"The results are very comprehensive and the cost is right! We have been able to get a handle on what people are saying about us in social media."

Heather A,

Greater Baltimore Medical Center

"So many brands are so focused on talking about themselves, they don't even realize people are talking about them. Looking at the word cloud shows them this is happening. People are thinking about things you haven't thought of."

Emily T,


"When we're pitching a new client, we'll go in and give them a background on their brand, competitor, and industry. We always find something surprising that they didn't know."

Lindsey G,


"We use SM2 with abandon, since we can run a new report any time our hearts desire.

We use it as a preventative measure to keep an ear to the ground - but its greatest value is as a prospecting tool, helping us find new ventures to branch into."

Brian H,

Smith & Jones

"Ease of use! SM2 is user-friendly and it has everything we need."

Emily T,