About SM2

SM2 helps you understand your customer.

A Powerful Data Resource

SM2, a product of SDL, is a business intelligence platform that provides visibility into social media and lets you tap into a powerful data resource; your customers' direct thoughts and opinions. 

SM2 allows you to easily capture and analyze data from online conversations to help you make informed business decisions.  SM2 gives you the information you need to take the lead over your competition, to engage your audience, and generate sales leads.

We search the internet and index tens of millions of new conversations - blogs, tweets, comments, and pictures. Our customers can access over 90 billion conversations going back three years.  And SM2 continues to collect and index online data daily, 24/7.  

SM2 searches big sources such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, but it doesn’t stop there. We cover online conversations through many other channels such as blogs, message boards, review sites and more.  


About SDL Social Intelligence Division

Through a powerful combination of social media listening and analytics, traditional research expertise, and patented metrics, SDL Social Intelligence answers your most strategic business questions. We help you accelerate, deepen and measure your customer relationship, all within the context of your competitive landscape.

Along with SM2, you can enhance your business further with:

SDL Social Insights

Our team of social media analysts and market researchers study the social media landscape to provide flexible social media reporting for:  

  • Brand monitoring
  • Crisis monitoring
  • Issues reporting
  • Influencer strategy
  • Competitive profiling

As well as a holistic view of the customer, online and offline:

  • Mapping the customer journey
  • Surfacing personas for segmentation
  • Informing key moments of opportunity in the customer lifecycle
  • Identifying key drivers and messages for engagement

Our customized solutions will take you beyond social listening and provide your company with the insights needed to drive business decisions.

Measuring Customer Commitment and Engagement

SDL’s Customer Commitment Framework is a measurement system that creates order and meaning from social media conversations to drive:

  • Brand Commitment
  • Customer Engagement
  • Product Commitment

Applying the Framework allows you to cost effectively benchmark, understand and implement strategies to secure competitive advantage, win new customers and grow customer value over time.

About SDL

SDL enables global businesses to connect with their customers.

Since its inception in 1992, SDL has been a leader in creating innovative solutions that help global businesses inspire a positive customer experience. 

SDL believes businesses should have the information they need in order to most effectively connect with their customers.  That’s why 42 of the top 50 global brands rely on SDL.  Having worked with companies such as Hewlett Packard, Bosch, and Chrysler, SDL offers its insights, leadership, and expertise to companies large and small, around the globe.

The financial stability that comes with impressive growth over the past 20 years, our legacy of innovation and commitment to our customers, our promise to deliver compelling solutions that help businesses globally, and our true entrepreneurial spirit will ensure a successful future for SDL.  

Company Profile

  • Publicly traded company with $400m annual revenues
  • Over 2,700 employees in 70 offices across 38 countries
  • World-leading innovative technology
  • Award-winning and profitable company, with long-term financial stability
  • 80%+ of the global translation supply chain use SDL software
  • 1500+ enterprise customers; 185,000 desktop software licenses worldwide
  • A partner network of 400 and growing